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The Traditional

Maine Lobster Bake

This is truly an unique Maine dining experience . Your guests will participate in preparation of their dinner right there on the spot.  your Chef will prepare an open pit fire and have all the ingredients ready to go in the pan.  a brief description of the process and then the cooking begins!

Guests will help load the pan if they want or they can just observe:
1) Fresh seaweed is tossed to layer the bottom of the pan
2) The corn on the cob is husked, taking out the silk and rolling the husk back on the corn. This keeps the corn moist and simmering in its own husk
3) More seaweed is added
4) New potatoes are spread throughout the pan
5) More seaweed! 

6) Lobsters are un-banded and tossed around the pan
7)) More seaweed!
8) Sausage is tossed around the pan
9) Steamer clams are added to the top of the lobster pile
10) Eggs (the timer)- learn about how and why we use eggs as the timer- are placed in different spots of the pan
11) The entire pan is covered with a giant cheese cloth and the lobsters are tucked in snugly
12) The fire, already hot with glowing coals, is raked and restocked with wood
13) Entire lobster pan is now moved over the fire pit
14) Fresh sea water is added, and the cooking begins.
15) New England Clam Chowder is served!
16) Your guests eat appetizers, and socialize
17) About an hour and 10 minutes your feast is ready!
18) Chefs lift the tray from the fire and give a brief description, and the feast is unveiled. PERFECT PHOTO OPPORTUNITY!
19) Your guests are seated, the buffet is loaded and it's time to eat!
20) After the meal, Maine blueberry pie! 

 We add chicken and ribs to most bakes,

and we have a vegetarian option ready upon requests.

Single lobster per person - $85 per person
double Lobster per person - $100 per person
$500 set up fee includes everything you

need except the venue and shelter.
Includes tables and chairs.
We rent tents if you want or need them, and have two  in-harbor venues for rent for your special event. 



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